C. LeRoy Tappana
Don Carlos's  Brother
       Don Carlos Tappana
          Father of Edna
Grandfather of Dolores/Boots
Euretta Tappana Brandt
       Dons Sister
Edna Tappana (Don's Dau.)
   Dolores/Boots Mother
Dau of Edna
Grand D. of Don
GGrandau. C E
GGGrandau Carlos Espana
Gary, Edna, Marilyn, Bob, Kathy
   Bill' Tappana's widow and
   Bill was son of Claude Leroy
Lawrence Dilling   Boots  1/2 Brother - Marines, WWll
Son of Edna, husband of Freida
Betty Dilling Page
  Boots 1/2 sister
    Dau of Edna
Tappana Children
   "In America"
Danny & Randy
  Boots Son's
Jessica (Jessie) Dau Of Dan
GDau of Boots - Victorian Costume
      Freida, as a blonde.
       Lawrence's Wife

Actress - Singer: Taberner

Mabel ClaireTappana- White- Delo
dau of Walter Louis Tappana and husband walter DeloWalter Delo
Terri White dau of Mabel Claire

Terri's Gr.Grandmother
Lena Tappana

This was taken at Tina's parents wedding on June 12, 1952 at 1st Methodist Church in Decatur, TX. L Oliver Ray Brown, Mother, Zelma Oveta Harris Brown, Dad's mother, Mabel Claire and his step-dad, Walter M. Delo    (Tina)
Tina's mom and dad,
Oveta Brown White
Walter Gene White
Tina's Wedding
This is 4 generations of Tina's family on the Brown side:Top:  Mother's dad, O. Ray Brown. Bottom, L-R:  Her mom, Oveta Brown White - (She is holding Tina) Granddaddy Brown's mother - Mary Carolus Parker Brown Watson
Edna Tappana & dau Boots
Sherry Dilling
dau of Lawrence
and Freida
Chaiz, dau Randy
Chastity, dau of Randy
Gr of Boots
Randy, son of Boots

Dallas - biological son of Sheila, adopted by Randy
Don Carlos, son of Carlo Eduardo
32nd degree Grand Master Mason
City Assessor - My grandfather
Danny - Grad picture
Son of Boots, Father of Jessica
Randy & Wife Sheila  Son Of Boots
Miracle ((Cystic Fibrosis Child)
dau of Chastity, grdau of Randy
Grgrdau of Boots
Euretta Tappana, sister of Don and C Leroy
Indian Grandma Almira Anderson
Baby Thelma/Skeet
Dora and Bob Gossage
Dora, dau of Thelma
Almira Anderson & Nurse
Claude, Don, Jaynie, Thelma, Gordon, Dora, Diane siblings.  Siblings standing in order of birth.
(left back)Wayna, (front)Indiangggrandmother and baby Thelma(Skeet) others are unknown.
Dora & Family: After dau. wedding
Dora: dau of Thelma, gdau of Wayna, ggdau Carlos E Tappana Tappana
Edna Tappana, dau of Don Carlos & Blanche, my mother
Our line was: Espana y Taberner
              TAPPANA  PICTURES
Edna Tappana, dau of Don Carlos & Blanche, my mother

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Enrique Bernardo Espana y Taberner

Don Carlos Espana's brother, Marque of Spain,
Lt General of Cuba and Puerto Rico, General in Army and well decorated with many awards.
Painting of Blanche, wife of Don Carlos,
My Grandmother.
Me, Boots (Dolores), dau of Edna, GGDaughter Of Don Carlos.