Brig J Street
                                      Captain James McConnell
                       From Havana, Cuba to New Orleans, LA   USA
                                                                               September 29, 1846 

NAME                    AGE         SEX          OCCUPATION        COUNTRY to which they belong
Carlos Espana        40            Male        Consul for Spain         Spain  
Wife of Espana       28  Fem                                 Spain
Charles Espana      10            Son                                             Spain
Guillermo Espana    8            Son                                             Spain
Madame Gloria      25            Fem                                            Spain

Madame Gloria is included because she was grouped with the Espana's.
Tappana article in the Webb City Sentinel

Joplin Globe November 24, 1928 Katie May
Friday, October 12, 1888 pg 3 c 2
Friday March 14, 1941 pg 8 A c1
Saturday March 15, 1941 pg 5 c 4

Charles Tappana d. 22 Jan 1906 70 yrs. Old.
Married Mary Melissa (Sigler) (born in Peoria Illinois 1847 died Thursday 22 Nov. 1928, 81 yrs.old) 1114 West Nelson, Webb City, MO
Spanish father, very religious. Father killed. Castle in Spain. Close to Madrid

6 sons:
1. Arthur E. Tappana
2. Floyd (Dude)L. Tappana
3. Don Carlos Tappana
4. LeslieV. Tappana
5. Claude Leroy (Roy) Tappana
6. Walter Tappana

3 Daughters:
1. Audrey Cole 1114 Nelson, Webb City b. Granby 1870
2. Waynoma died young
3. Katie May died Oct. 10, 1888 14 years old

Arthur E. Tappana retired groceryman. 71 yr. old died Thursday March 13, 1941.
Lived at 831 N. Oak married Mary Francis Vaughn( d. 25 apr 1931 b. 1 feb 1867)
2 daughters: Mrs (Lorraine) Ratliff
Mrs. Charles Wright (Christina)
1 son: Arthur Charles Tappana

Claude Leroy (C.L.), b. 10/18/1881 d. 1952
Came to Webb City 1887. Employed by the Old Southwest Missouri Railroad Company as a conductor for 18 years. Operated own grocery store at Brooklyn Heights. Operated a collection Agency. Worked at the W.C. Post Office 7 years. Married Alta Lee Hutchinson June 2, 1909 in Carthage. Alta was born 1885 died July 18, 1960

2 sons:
1. Robert Lamont Tappana 1922 - 1945. graduated WCHS 1939, died 8 Sept. 1945 while serving o the staff of Admiral Chester Nimitz. Wrote lyrics for several songs that were published.
2. William L. Tappana (Married Edna E. Haggard 3 July 1942)
1 daughter: Geraldine Massey

Don Carlos Tappana died 13 April 1942, 65 years old. Born in Granby 1877. Came to Webb City with his family in 1887. Sewing Machine repairman. City Assessor 1930-1936. Joplin Township Justice of the Peace, Member of the A. F. &  A.M. Lodge.
Married last to Ollie McAboy, 1112 Nelson (14 feb 1883 - 7 Jan 1968)
First marriage to Blanche Robb produced three daughters....
1. Mrs. Bessie Opal (Tappana) Collier
2. Mrs Edith (Tappana) Miller
3. Mrs. Edna (Tappana) Dooley

Leslie V. Tappana m. Maude Sutten
5 boys and 1 girl: Burl, Hermana. Don A. Leslie (Jobe), Vernon, Betty Lou. (Pauline b. & d. 1910)

Floyd L. (Dude) Tappana, 804 N. Madison, d. 2 june 1932 47 yrs. Old
Former Justice of the Peace. Born 21 July, 1884 in Granby

Herman A. Tappana 303 Cedar married Mamie Grissom daughter of Alice Grissom
Daughter Sharon Ann

Don. A. Tappana 1112 Nelson twin daughters Maudina Helen and Joan Ellen b. Sept. 1932. Daughter Mary married John Kelly McKnight 12 Nov. 1950. 3 sons: Leslie, Loyd Mack (Alaska) and Don A. Jr.
Don Tappana (b. apr 20, 1911)married Evelyn McMinn (b. july 27, 1912) June 22, 1929, Lena Tappana 1125 Nelson, married to Walter Cole
Sons: 1. Walter (Buck) Lewis Tappana d. 8 Oct, 1930, 33 yrs. old (1802 Bird, Joplin) married to Ethel, 2 daughters Donna Joan & Genevieve Charlotte
2. Truman
3. Paul
4. Eugene married Mary Jo Goosetree 1934
5. James divorced Minnie 1941 married Walsie Thomason 19, jun 1943, died Dec 19, 1946 at 47 years old. Employed at Joplin Supply Co. daughters: Mrs. Dan White, Pearl, and Mary P (b. & d. 1901)
Vernon Tappana 115 S. Tom. Daughter: Marsha Gayle b 12 Aug 1954 . son Verson Almond Jr. born September 1944.
Audra Tappana Cole lived at 1114 Nelson and 404 N. devon, four daughters 1.Tressa Anderson 2 Crystal Davis 3. Mrs. Aloe Yates 4. Mrs. Valentine Shuey. 3 sons: 1. Floyd Cole 2, Edwin Cole 3. Harlen Cole

The above information is from Ms Newby's notes regarding the newspaper story and legend of the tragedy of the Tappana's in America as told to her by family members in MO.The newspaper article is posted on another page at this site.
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Date: 7/9/2004 10:06:22 PM Pacific Standard Time

Mayra (name confidential)    
Professional Genealogist

RESEARCH REPORT    (Printed copy mailed)

Dolores Marlena
1301 Glenwood Drive
Petaluma, CA 94954
July 9, 2004

Objective: To find information about Carlos de España, who was the Ambassador of Spain in New Orleans form 1846 to 1850.  Did he live in Spain after 1850? 

Facts Known: Carlos de España arrived in New Orleans from Cuba with his wife and two children on September 29, 1846.  The passenger ship manifesto states that Carlos was 40 years old, his wife was 28 and his children were 10 and 8.

Sources searched:

946.A5p  Indice de Relaciones de Meritos y    Servicios  
946.D58cv Vol 4 Extractos de Expedientes de la Orden de Carlos III
946.N23m  Titulos de Indias
946.N28c  Memorial de Hidalgos para Obtener Rentas
946.86 D53d  Catalogo de Pruebas de Nobleza
946.D6gc vol 30 Diccionario de Apellidos Españoles
946.N22e  Indice de Jubilados
946.D2m  Indice de Expedientes de Funcionarios Publicos
946.M23s  Archivo General de Segivoa-Expedientes de Militares
946.M28c  Expedientes de Militares

1344095  Spanish Legal Documents XVII-XIX  Doc. No. 709-782
1344104        Doc. No. 1365-1399
1344105        Doc. No. 1400-1453
283584  Diccionario Historico Genealogico y Herladico de las familias ilustres de la Monarquia Española.

Archivo General de las Indias
Papeles de Cuba
Correspondencia de Louisiana

Archivo Nacional de Madrid
Seccion de Ultramar
Pleitos Civiles 18444-1900


The first set of books I searched had information about public officials that had retired or had left pensions to their families.  I did not find Carlos de Espana's name there.

The second set of books were about surname histories and I found the España family to have a lot of titles and many government posts and military honors. The name Carlos was a family name that was given to several boys in each generation.

There is one Carlos de Espana, on page 81 of Doc no. 1, that fits the time table that we are looking at.  He was born after 1801 (his older brother Enrique was born in 1801).  It says he was a Lieutenant General of the Royal Army.   His older brother, Enrique Andres de España was a military man and was the Capital General of Cuba and Puerto Rico from September 29, 1846. ( the coincidence on the dates does not escape me)

Following this lead I searched the books that had information about military men and found that there are several Carlos de España men that were in the military, however the Carlos de España that fits the time table does not appear in the index.  The file for Enrique Andres is in the military index.  See Doc no. 2.

In the internet search that was available at the Archivo General de las Indias, and the Archivo Nacional de Madrid, that pertained to Louisiana,  I did not see anything about Carlos de España .

I also searched some films of Legal Documents from Spain from the 19th Century, but I found nothing.

New Orleans, 1820-1850 Passenger and Immigration Lists
Viewing records 1-7 of 7 matches for: 

« Global Search Results 
Name  Arrival Date  Age  Gender   Port of Departure Place of Origin       Ship Name: Street
Espano??      Sep 29, 1846  Havana  Spain  (The "o" was later found to be
really be an "a"

Carlos Espano 9/29,1846 40 M Havana Spain  Street 
Charles Espano     Sep 29, 1846     10  M   Havana  Spain  Street 
Charles Espano     Sep 29, 1846     10  M   Havana  Spain  Street 
Madline Espano     Sep 29, 1846     28  F   Havana  Spain  Street 
William Espano     Sep 29, 1846        8  M  Havana  Spain  Street 
Guillermo Espano  Sep 29, 1846        8  M  Havana  Spain  Street
Name:    Carlos Espano
Arrival Date:    Sep 29, 1846 
Age:    40 
Gender:    M 
Port of Departure:    Havana 
Place of Origin:    Spain 
Ship Name:    Street 
Family Number:    71448 
National Archives' Series Number:    M259-25 
Port of Arrival:    New Orleans 
Name:    Charles Espano
Arrival Date:    Sep 29, 1846 
Age:    10 
Gender:    M 
Port of Departure:    Havana 
Place of Origin:    Spain 
Ship Name:    Street 
Family Number:    71448 
National Archives' Series Number:    M259-25 
Port of Arrival:    New Orleans 
Name: Madline Espano ( name really believed to be Madalena or Magdalena
Arrival Date:    Sep 29, 1846 
Age:    28 
Gender:    F 
Port of Departure:    Havana 
Place of Origin:    Spain 
Ship Name:    Street 
Family Number:    71455 
National Archives' Series Number:    M259-25 
Port of Arrival:    New Orleans
Name:    William Espano (Spanish name Guillermo)
Arrival Date:    Sep 29, 1846 
Age:    8 
Gender:    M 
Port of Departure:    Havana 
Place of Origin:    Spain 
Ship Name:    Street 
Family Number:    71448 
National Archives' Series Number:    M259-25 
Port of Arrival:    New Orleans 

Taken from one of  the web published sites listing arriving ships in America.
Doc. 1
Doc. 2
Doc. 2

It is believed that Carlos Espana, aka Don Carlos de Espana is the father of Charles Edward Tappana. It is believed the name Edward is the English version of Eduardo. Discoveries continue and this site will be updated as more is learned. Presently we don't know the fate of Don Carlos Espana, but we know he didn't draw a pension he was entitled to, nor did his wife or either child. Research always continuing. We do know that a Guillermo that would have been the right age to have been Carlos brother was in the military and apparently raised by Enrique.
The Espana's arrival in America  ~  It is believed the son Carlos is the first to take the name Tappana. When completed reading additional information one can see why the name was changed.
Read newspaper article by Ms Newby regarding the Tappana's in America as told by other family members in MO.
Early Immigrants To The America's..............................................................
After much research by various professionals, it is believed that Carlos Espana is the father of Charles Edward Tappana and the sons name was changed when he was left in America for various reasons. Carlos life was tragic here in America and due to the strife in Spain it is believed he was killed by warring factions in his country. For more information contact me, Dolores Marlena,
*Reader misinterpreted Espana for Espano*
(Marque de Espana & Enrique de Espana y Taberner are one and the same and the brother of Carlos de Espana)
I am glad to share this information with you, but if you are going to be copying pictures, information, documents or any other written material, please give credit to where you have copied from. This has been a long labor of love with multiple people working on it and given credit on other poages. It has come to my attention that this material is showing up on various sites, including Ancestry. Again, I ask for you to give credit. Thank you, Dolores
More Information is becoming available and some will appear in the near future. There will hopefully be an additional amount available during the summer when a genealogist will be gathering more records. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT WHEN YOU COPY! THIS IS JUST COMMON COURTESY.
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